Add real Fender Rhodes to your track

Hi,I’m Mr Fender Rhodes

And I am here to add ​authentic soulful Fender Rhodes to your precious recording

find out how

Your track sounds nice, but…

  • You are fed up with that dull and dead sounding VST-plugin-rhodes-fake sound?
  • Your track lacks some serious live atmosphere?
  • You are looking for “that special something“?
  • You’re stuck in the process?
  • Some fresh (and funky?) licks would bring up your creativity?
  • You need some inspiration because you still don’t know where to go with the music?
  • You are curious what would some hell of a Fender Rhodes dude would do with your track?

“fabulous player, real jazzy…”


latest order Nov 2nd, 2017

“Your playing is amazing as always. I enjoy listening to your Rhodes playing and can’t get enough. The sounds you have provided, are exactly what I need to bring my music to the the next level. Thank you so very much for being so talented and creative. I would like to order more”

“fabulous player, real jazzy and moody. really nice person who cared that ill be satisfy with his playing. great experience!”


latest order Sept 2017


latest order Sept 2017

“Great musician and fast delivery! Totally recommended. Thanks!”

No more plugins, no more quantizing, no more piano roll…add authentic live Fender Rhodes to your track

What I can do to your music…

  • My inspiration will lift your track to the next level
  • My experience…
  • My Fender Rhodes skills…
  • My never ending creativity…

“…incredible musicianship…”


latest order Sept 2017

“Incredible musicianship. His playing fit my track like a glove.”

“Marcus replied to promptly and made sure he understood my request. This was a difficult piece, with many time signature changes, but his playing fits perfect with the odd-meter groove. Nothing but professional, and strongly recommended.”


latest order July 2017


latest order July 2017

“Your the man Ill most def be coming back for your skills!!! SUPER DOPE!”

About me

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“Wow. What an amazing job. Great sound, great playing and great feel. I would recommend you to my best friend and my worst enemy.”


latest order Nov 20th, 2017

“Mr Marcus Magic fingers!!!”


latest order July 2017


latest order Oct 16th, 2017

“Marcus is the man!!”

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